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MIMA Sports Company manufacturers and exporters of your Entire clothing need like Street Clothing, Sports Clothing, and Leather Clothing & Accessories also manufacturers and exporters of Hamaliyan Salf Lamps and its various products. The Organization is 100% export-oriented unit having highly skilled staff at its back having an extensive Capability in the manufacturing formation and retaining quality tools to the international standards and specifications. We are dedicated to provide steep quality and services to our clients. Our main objectives are client’s confidence, client’s satisfaction and supply services at right time. Under Development program we consistently work on new materials, Formulas and Designs to boost the performance of our merchandise. Kindly view our products onward and feel free to contact us for prices and any more information regarding our merchandise. We do private label manufacturing to our customer’s specific needs. For this, we precisely work on our customer’s specifications for materials, designs and sizes and produce a perfect product to the customer’s desired standards. So, when working with MIMA Sports Company be confident that you have a determined and efficient manufacturing organization at your back. We will never disappoint you. The concept displayed on our website is only a brief representation of our huge product range. Our manufacturing facilities are fully equipped and capable of producing any kind and design of Hamaliyan Salf lamps, Street Wear, Sports apparel and accessories. More importantly, we can do private label manufacturing to meet your specific needs. So, if you have your own product already developed and simply need to locate the right manufacturer, MIMA Sports Company is your decent choice. MIMA Sports Company is also your decent choice if you are tired of supply delays and inconsistent product quality. All you need to do is just give us a try and you will never look back. We would like to thank all our clients for their auspices, revealing their constant confidence they have on us.